EMI steering cylinders are available in sizes from smaller towboats and yacht applications up to large cargo carriers. Our cylinders include heavy chrome plated stainless steel rods for outdoor on-deck applications. All cylinders are available in either tie-rod or economical welded body styles. All cylinders manufactured by Parker Hannifin and Hanna Corporation.


  • Bore Dia. (Inches): 2-1/2 to 12

  • Rod Dia. (Inches): 1-3/8 to 8

  • Stroke Length (Inches): 12 to 48


Several rod end and cylinder end configurations are available depending on your tiller design and mounting requirements. Spherical bearings are offered for longer stroke, larger bore cylinders to reduce side loading of cylinder seals and reduce premature wear.


            ROD EYE                         CLEVIS                       SPHERICAL BEARING  


              FIXED CLEVIS          SPHERICAL BEARING            TRUNNION MOUNT 


  • Piping with Cross Port Relief Valve

  • ABS / USCG certifications

Please contact [email protected]  to discuss your specific steering cylinder requirements.

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