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Hydraulic Cylinder
Rudder Angle Indicator
Integrated Consoles
Shaft Tachometer
Alarm & Monitoring
Propulsion Controls
Vessel Automation
Valve Automation
Engine Order Telegraph
EMI, A Division of W&O, has a history of over 40 years of service to the marine industry providing state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing to our customers throughout the United States with a reputation for quality and customer support. EMI recently moved into a new 24,000 square foot facility just 3 miles from the New Orleans International Airport. With an in-house staff of engineers, programmers, manufacturing and service personnel, EMI has positioned itself as a marine integrator that can provide multiple products and systems, thereby allowing our customers a “one-stop-shopping” environment for many of the vessel’s critical monitoring and control systems. EMI is committed to maintaining our lead in this industry with proactive research and development and state-of-the-art technology. 

About W&O

Founded in 1975, W&O is one of the world's largest suppliers of pipe, valves, fittings as well as actuation and engineered solutions to the maritime and upstream oil & gas industries. Serving a variety of customers, W&O operates a worldwide network of 19 strategically located branches from its corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.  For more information, visit





























    Integrator for multiple system installations.


  • Steering Systems

  • Valve Automation

  • Vessel Automation

  • Shaft Tachometer Systems

  • Alarm & Monitoring Systems

  • Engine Order Telegraphs

  • Retrofit Steering

  • Navigational Light Panels

  • Engine Controls

  • Integrated Consoles

  • General Alarm

  • Hydraulic Power Units

  • Custom Marine Electronics

  • Meters (RAI, Shaft Tach)


Versatile Line of Products

EMI Staff





                                      Engineering Manager:                

                                      Production & QA


                                      Service Manager:                         

                                      Admin Manager:                          

Ken Cognevich       (Founder and CEO)


Craig Cabiro            W&O    

Scott Petty             (25+ Years in Electrical Engineering)


Kevin Kentner        (25+ years with EMI production)


Scott Russell          (18+ years with EMI service)


Liz Garcich             (25+ years with EMI)

With over 26 employees that includes multi-disciplined degreed engineers and programmers, production personnel, service and hydraulic technicians and many employees that have been with the company over 20 years.  The EMI management staff consists of:

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